Psychometric Profiling

Attitude. Self motivation. Stability. Persistence. Maturity. Judgement. Temperament.

We all know these attributes – and many more – shape an individual’s success. We are also acutely aware how they contribute to the suitability of a new hire...but do traditional recruitment processes offer any real insight?

Our Executive Search consultants are trained to administer, interpret, assess and deliver feedback on Saville Consulting Wave – accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS Level A & B) and proven as one of the best predictors of individual workplace effectiveness.

We also employ various Thomas International assessment tools.

In short, we are able to design and tailor behavioural testing programmes – using cutting edge assessment techniques – to support your business goals, align individuals with your company values and address the individual complexities of each hire.


Using Saville Consulting Wave we are able to offer:

  • Aptitude Assessments (BPS Level A). These are a comprehensive portfolio of tests used to measure a variety of abilities, including verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, abstract and error-checking aptitudes, accurately predicting an individual’s ability to work with words, numbers, systems, logic and detail.
  • Personality Profiling (BPS Level B). These assessments give a powerful prediction of performance and potential, and Saville Consulting Wave gives information on personal motives, talents and the interaction between individuals and their workplace culture.




To learn more about our Psychometric Profiling tools, and how they can support you in hiring your next HR professional, please contact Adam Oliver on 0207 430 5585 or  0121 450 5030, or email
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