Job Seeker?

For many HR professionals, we'll need no introduction.

We have been a constant in the Human Resources industry since 2003, delivering recruitment campaigns on behalf of some of the world’s best known businesses. We have also partnered with SMEs looking to hire their very first in-house HR professional, companies experiencing enormous growth and companies going through a significant restructure. We’ve recruited through periods of recession and periods of rapid economic growth.

What remains consistent is our unwavering commitment to customer service, not only to those seeking to hire but also those considering the next step in their career.

We have helped people at all levels secure their next position, and take great pride in watching those careers flourish. Our placements are helping shape and influence the future of the Human Resources industry, and it is a particular privilege when a previous job seeker returns to us as a hiring manager.


Why trust us with your career?

  • We take time to understand you, your skills, your goals and your aspirations.
  • We offer unbiased career advice, based on over 50 years combined knowledge of the HR recruitment market.
  • We give honest feedback from day one – on your CV, your suitability for each individual opportunity, on your progression and your development, both academic and professional.
  • We regularly work on an exclusive and/or a retained basis with our clients, meaning you will not have access to these opportunities via any other means.


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