Where do HR Professionals go on a Wednesday night?

by Katie O'Cleary

Network HR are proud sponsors of both the HR Directors Business Summit and the London HR Connection; we have been present at the HR Directors Summit for the past three years and we are in our first year of being one of the sponsors for the London HR connection.

Something I am extremely keen to discuss in this blog is the London HR Connection, which is a unique members only forum for HR professionals that has been established for many years. This event takes place of an evening once a month, and covers a variety of the hottest topics in HR in this challenging market.

The connection currently has seven exceptional sponsors, with Network HR being their recruitment sponsor. We have now been in attendance since March 2016; most recently hosting the past event which was all about Health and Wellbeing in the workplace, looking at ROI to mindfulness. Network HR have had the pleasure of attending the past five months which have covered a wide range of material including:

  • ‘Are robots our future employees’
  • Ambiguous? Over-complicated? Siloed? Can anyone actually get engagement right?
  • The UK Economic and Jobs Outlook to 2020 and beyond – full employment with higher pay or an emerging technological dystopia?
  • Are we just paying lip service to gender pay reporting?
  • Employee wellbeing; an ethical or a commercial concern?


London HR Connections Vision:

  • To Inspire, Inform and Challenge - To be the capital’s premier professional HR network offering regular informal events – away from the daily grind – for anyone with a vested interest in HR to network with their peers and hear from experts on a range of challenging and stimulating topics.

It has been an honour to be a part of such an ever expanding and eclectic group of elite HR Professionals, one that will keep growing over the upcoming months. What can you expect from the upcoming months? 

The London HR Connection is taking a well deserved break in August and will be back in full swing in September with the latest discussion being all about the positive and negative impacts ‘Brexit’ may have on the market.

The evening lasts for two and a half hours; consisting of the first hour being for networking and drinks, following with the topic of discussion with a Q&A session, and then finishing with another hour of networking to reflect on the matter further (all wine, beer and canopies included).


"The discussion delved into the increased pressure and demand of employees to be in the workplace."


Network HR were given the opportunity to host the past event on Wednesday 6th July - one extremely relevant topic that we discussed was Health and Wellbeing within the workplace. The discussion delved into the increased pressure and demand of employees to be in the workplace, which can therefore lead to much bigger health problems in the near future. We had two fantastic speakers at the event; Dr Wolfgang Seidl and Jay Brewer. Dr Wolfgang Seidl spoke about data management/ROI and to prepare the groundwork for mental health pathways and the work/life balance conundrum of the modern workplace. Jay Brewer contemplated this with mindfulness and transfer into emotional wellbeing strategy and then to wider wellbeing approaches.

We were in attendance of c. 30 permanent and career interim HR professionals, from companies such as the University of Sheffield, KFH, Burberry, Bakkavor and Action for Children etc. The event was a great success and we are looking forward to September.

If you are interested in finding out more about this exclusive event, or any of our other partnerships, then please do get in touch with one of the consultants here at Network HR on 0121 450 5030 or drop me an email on

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